Airborne Oil & Gas B.V.
Monnickendamkade 1
1970 AC IJmuiden
branches: Offshore oil and gas services

Company profile 

Airborne Oil & Gas develops, sells and produces continuous spoolable composite tubulars for the oil & gas Industry. The composite tubulars combine high pressure strengths (burst & collapse) with tensile strength and spoolability with a smooth bore, suitable for all subsea applications.

Products are downlines (TCL), downhole Composite Coiled Tubing (CCT) and subsea Thermoplastic Composite Riser/Flowline (TCR).

Thermoplastic Composite Line (TCL) for well intervention and downlines
Key benefits of the TCL are the highest pressure rating, collapse resistance and spoolability in a smooth bore pipe. No fatigue or corrosion issues.
Enabling technology for Riserless Well Intervention, Riserless Mud Return, Pipeline Downlines and Decommissioning, Seabed Excavation and Power Lines.

Composite Coiled Tubing (CCT)
Key benefits of the CCT are bending fatigue, lightweight and chemical resistance.
Enabling technology for chemical injection, running into highly deviated wells.

Thermoplastic Composite Risers (TCR)
Key benefits of the TCR for Risers and subsea Flowlines are spoolability, lightweight, fatigue resistance, collapse resistance combined with a smooth bore and lack of corrosion.


In order to support our clients in operating the tubular, Airborne Oil & Gas provides the complete suite of equipment to run the pipes offshore.
This equipment includes:

Reelers (semi or fully enclosed featuring an integrated power unit, constant tension, swivel and integrated level wind
Tensioners with two or four tracks running the pipes to the largest depths rapidly en safely
Overboarding chute maximizing the fatigue life of the pipe.


Airborne Oil & Gas provides engineering support during the project concept and detailed design stages and offers on-situ supervision during offshore installation.


Airborne Oil & Gas dedicated production facility is located in IJmuiden, the Netherlands, with direct sea access. The quay has a length of 300 meters and 120 meters wide. Water depth is 9,5 meter. This all allows a time effective logistic operation.