Isolatie Combinatie Beverwijk B.V.
Biesland 24
1948 RJ Beverwijk
branches: Offshore oil and gas services

Founded  in 1977 is an international  contractor for insulation services and materials in the (oil and gas) industry.


We handle the whole package, from first survey till final delivery. If requested with all necessary heat loss calculations  and other design and engineering reports.


In Beverwijk  we have  a  modern prefab shop  of 1200 m2 with the latest  computerized and manual operated machines for the best possible optimum of efficient craftsmanship.

Our main activities;

  • Delivery, maintenance of insulation systems  ( f.e. for  heat loss conservation, personal protection, sound,  fireproofing ).
  • Design and installation of electrical heat tracing circuits (also  EX proof locations)
  • Modification and renewal of  cladding on offshore locations mainly  process area’s and living quarters.  

At present ICB is the largest contractor on the Dutch part of the North Sea regarding  maintenance and modification of insulation systems on offshore platforms of almost all major operators and major service providers.

We are highly experienced in applying insulation for the  following purposes;

  • Heat & cold loss reduction
For protection of environment &  cost reduction
  • Winterizing (incl. electrical tracing)  
For better and more reliable  operations
  • Personal protection 
For protection of people
  • Noise insulation & enclosures  
For creation of a healthier  working  environment
  • Fire proofing 
For creation of a safer  working  environment 

Next to the offshore other main markets are  oil storage facilities.  chemical plants,  food processing companies  and industrial production facilities in general.

Our clients are not only situated in  the  AYOP region or Dutch based but also far beyond our national borders,  you can find our men at work all around Europe, from Bergen in Norway till Marsaxlokk on Malta.