Zandvoorterweg 78
2111 GZ Aerdenhout
branches: Strategic environment planner                                                

After many years of working in ports and port corridors, StigΔ was founded in 2011 by Arènso Bakker and Onno Roelofs. Both chose this name to express their beliefs in guiding companies towards an improved version of themselves.

Bakker and Roelofs believe that a report alone will not satisfy customers and is not enough to set development in motion. By making processes flow again rather than stagnate, StigΔ make objectives feasible with an iterative approach of key success factors.
Port development and management requires satisfied stakeholders and predictable results for all parties involved. After all, creating certainties and taking away uncertainties is essential for development.

The Δ (Delta) in our company name stands for change, growth and the Dutch delta. For many years, the Dutch have proven their knack for spatial development out of necessity: roughly 25 percent of the Netherlands lies below sea level. Furthermore, 60 percent of the global population lives in areas in which water safety, housing and labour, economics and nature all compete with one another.

Our experience with congested areas, scarcity of land and aspects of water management provide an excellent source for our expertise.