SVITZER Amsterdam B.V.

Svitzer _Salvage

SVITZER provides safety and support at sea: from harbour towage to wreck removals in crowded shipping lanes; from emergency response in rough weather conditions to support services at petrochemical and LNG terminals; from firefighting in high winds to deep sea towage across the oceans of the World. With 4,000 colleagues and a fleet of around 550 vessels, we have the global presence and the technological, financial and human capacity to set up operations anywhere in the World.

SVITZER Amsterdam is a provider of around the clock safe and efficient towage services in the Amsterdam Seaports. ISO and ISM certified and part of cooperation with a fleet of around 550 units in major port around the globe, all dedicated to provided safety and support.

SVITZER Amsterdam B.V.
Westerduinweg 3
1976 BV IJmuiden
branches: Port, shipping and cargo services
fax:+31 255 518 695
tel: +31 255 562 666