CMF, Central Mudplant & Fluid Services
Wijkermeerweg 7
1951 AH Velsen-Noord
branches: Offshore oil and gas services

The service CMF offers is solid and reliable. To begin with, we are a distinguished recycling specialist, with a well-recognised location for the storage and production of custom-made drilling mud. We strive to be on the cutting edge of completely new recycling technologies.

We are also a straightforward warehousing company and offer full transportation services of waste products. CMF’s vision is always at the forefront of thinking in customer care, at all times we maintain our high standards of environmental integrity.

We would like to outline everything about our business: 100% recycling from waste to a valuable product by using the latest distillation technology and biological remediation processes. We hold all applicable ISO and NEN standardisations and certificates and one of the most comprehensive permits in The Netherlands. This is outlined in the confidence of the Dutch authorities and the customers who use our services.

We are independent advisors, offering a high level of service and problem solving and are the first in many new developments. That is, if we do not initiate them ourselves For CMF is also an important breeding ground for new recycling technologies and we actively support inventors who have new, promising ideas.