Dutch Marine Contractors
Nieuwendammerdijk 530
1023 BX Amsterdam
branches: Agents and shipbrokers, Port, shipping and cargo services, Offshore oil and gas services

Over DMC
Over the years, the worlds marine and offshore industries have evolved. Clients have developed more detailed expectations; their needs have become more exacting and demanding. At the same time, the marketplace remains awash with new opportunities especially in the medium-sized markets, which are still underserved when it comes to strategic solutions. This insight inspired DMC to develop a new approach to marine contracting one that balances assets and services in an innovative, cost-effective method. We believe all marine and offshore sectors should be able to rely on reliable, high-quality solutions that can be tailored to any need. That’s what we strive to provide one course for every direction.

What we do
DMC supports and facilitates marine projects through Commercial Shipmanagement, Consultancy and Brokerage. We specialize in medium-size marine and offshore markets and provide services, solutions and synergies that are tailored to the needs of our clients. DMC has the experience necessary to serve the offshore oil and gas, offshore wind, marine construction, dredging and heavy lift transportation sectors.