Eurotank Amsterdam B.V.
Jan van Riebeeckhavenweg 9
1041 AD Amsterdam
branches: Dry & liquid bulk handling terminals

ETA is terminal of VTTI. VTTI is a fast-growing independent provider of energy storage worldwide. Founded in 2006, we currently offer 9.5 million m3 of combined storage capacity across 5 continents, which will rise to over 10 million m3 in the near future as new projects come on line. Having benefitted from strong relationships with our shareholders, VTTI continues to grow as an independent global terminal operator under the leadership of CEO Rob Nijst.

A long-established terminal, Eurotank Amsterdam (ETA) has benefited from a heavy investment in retrofitting and upgrades. The terminal serves a strong gasoil market with traditional gasoline exports to various countries. ETA’s key strengths are jetty flexibility coupled with a capacity for blending.