GPS Amsterdam BV
Oceanenweg 22
1047 BB Amsterdam
branches: Storage and Blending

GPS Group is a global petro storage company with only one ambition. To continue to create and sustain partnerships that serve to achieve customer objectives – underpinned by a leadership team which applies its extensive knowledge of the hydrocarbon value chain to manage risk.

In December 2016, GPS acquired its first asset: GPS Amsterdam B.V. (“GPSA”). GPSA is a company operating a Class 1 storage and blending facility for gasoline, gasoline components, and bio fuels with c.282,500m³ gross capacity across 17 storage tanks located in the Port of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The terminal can also handle naphtha, gas oil, heating oil, and/or diesel. GPSA was commissioned for app. 148,500m3 in Q4 of 2011 and app. 134,000m3 in Q4 2019 and has three dedicated jetties with a maximum draft of 14 meters. It’s flexible manifold makes it a highly suitable blending terminal.