Passenger Terminal Amsterdam
Piet Heinkade 27
1019 BR Amsterdam
branches: Cruise

Since the opening, a total of more than 2,100 ships have visited PTA. This total consists out of two different types of calls: transit calls and turn arounds. With a turn around, PTA is the start or end point for the cruise passenger. With a transit call, the same passengers will board again after their visit.

PTA is located in Amsterdam, on the southern banks of the river IJ. Since 1875, this area has been dominated by the maritime industry. The two-kilometer-long island was built at the time to accommodate the ever-increasing ocean steamers. Large sheds and majestic buildings were built, and the bank was renamed the Oostelijke Handelskade. In 1970 one of the sheds was converted into a passenger terminal. Soon the cruise ships became larger and the cruise industry started to play an important role for the Amsterdam economy.
That boast was the reason to build a new terminal in 1997: Passenger Terminal Amsterdam.

First multipurpose terminal in Europa
In March 2000, Passenger Terminal Amsterdam became the first multipurpose terminal in Europe. In addition to being a passenger terminal, PTA is also a unique venue for events. A successful combination that was widely adopted in various ports around the world. PTA is the textbook example of beautiful modern architecture on historical ground with a special function.