Iskes Towage & Salvage
Monnickendamkade 19 D/E
1976 EC IJmuiden

Port Towage IJmuiden

Fishing Trawlers and Cape Size bulkers

Iskes is providing Port Towage services in the port of Ijmuiden since 1928. Berthing/unberthing operations and lock passage assistance are provided to a wide variety of vessels entering the port.
Vessels that are assisted include for instance Fishing trawlers calling the IJmuiden fish terminals, Cape size bulkers delivering iron ore or coal to the Corus steel plant or Handymax Tankers entering the IJmuiden locks inbound for one of the Amsterdam Oil terminals.Towage service are provided with a modern tug fleet ranging upto 70 tons bollard pull.Our tug masters and crew are well trained and often have a very long track record with our company. The tugs are manned 365/24 and therefore services can be delivered round the clock and on short notice.
Services are charged on the basis of a tariff per tug per assist where the tariff increases with the LOA of the assisted vessel. On our web page “Tariff & Calculator” a tool can be found that can calculate the towage charges for a particular vessel with a particular destination.
Related services such as personnel / equipment transfers to vessels at the anchorage can be arranged and in case an anchor is lost or let go at the IJmuiden anchorage, we can recover the anchor and return it to the vessel in port.
Rig Moves

Professional crew and modern tugs

Out of its home base in IJmuiden Iskes is providing Rig Move services. Typically rig moves are carried out on a spot basis but when required also term charters can be agreed.
The Iskes tug masters and crew are very proficient in close quarter operations since they have – without exception – gained their experience in port towage operations where skilled manouvring is a necessity. In fact when the offshore tugs are not deployed for rigmoves the tugs are working in the Ijmuiden/ Amsterdam port towage operation. This way the masters and crew are constantly keeping up their manouvring skills.
Safe operations are of utmost importance and that is why the crew is operating in accordance with the ISO 9001 / ISM guidelines. Furthermore the tugs are fully equipped for all possible jobs offshore. Also it must be said that Iskes is known to pay special attention to the strenght and reliability of its vessels and deck equipment: the design and construction is always just a bit more stronger or more powerfull then perhaps needed. But we belief this pays itself back easily, both in terms of safety and in terms of reliability / durability.
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