Ocean Cargo Logistics
Radarweg 29-12 (Millenium Tower)                                                           
1014 BS AMsterdam                                                                                   
branches: Shipping, transport

We are an international shipping company based in Amsterdam. As an independent forwarder, we ensure the fastest and most cost-efficient way possible of transporting your goods.  With our many years of in-house experience, we have the expertise to bring your (inter-)national transport to a successful end. Regardless whether it concerns sea freight from America, Asia or Oceania, or whether you export containers or are looking for (road) transport within Europe.

No transport is the same as the load changes, routes vary, and destinations differ. Therefore, the logistic business requires a flexible and solution-oriented approach. In addition to our in-house knowledge and experience, we have a worldwide network of agents; making sure your goods are safe in our hand