Silver Star Agencies B.V.
Westhavenweg 105h
1042 BB Amsterdam
branches: Agents and shipbrokers, Passenger shipping

Silver Star Agencies is a rapidly-growing independent agency for tramp, scheduled and cruise services. The company’s home base is Amsterdam, and SSA has offices in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Riga, Ventspils and Vyborg (covering Primorsk). With thirty years combined experience, SSA is no newcomer to the world of shipping agencies. We are however an ever growing company.

Although a clear advantage, independence also brings obligations. We are not tied to the major players and that means we must offer even better service. It is that simple. This philosophy is reflected in the services provided by SSA, and the technology with which SSA provides those services. In the ports in which we operate we can be seen as a beacon of trust for all our clients. Trust simplifies procedures and accelerates business processes