Vries, de & van de Wiel
Harmenkaag 9
1741 LA Schagen
branches: Industrie and trade in the port area








De Vries & van de Wiel Kust- en Oeverwerken (DVW K&O) is a member of the DEME Group, a Belgian dredging and hydraulic engineering group. The company fosters a strong innovation approach and has been trend setting in technical innovation.

Other well known members of the DEME-group are Tideway and Geo Sea.
Our core business involves deepening and maintaining navigation channels, port infrastructure development, sand winning and reclamation, coastal development and offshore windfarm construction.

DVW K&O wants to play a vital role in sustainable development in the Netherlands in an inspiring and respectful way. We stand for excellent performance devoted to quality, security, health of the employees and environment. Operational and commercial we are fast and divers due to short communication lines.